News and Updates About Our Lab Members

These are just some of the exciting updates that our lab members have in regards to their research activities!

Check out the most recent work coming from a member of the Diversity and Identity (DI&ID) Management Research Lab!

Had to get a lab picture outside before the snow comes!

Thank you, Phoenix, for presenting in lab today. Some really interesting multi-level models and great discussion about the model’s development!

See everyone tomorrow for our lab meeting – our first meeting as a lab of 11!

We are so excited to welcome a new research assistant to the lab – Ms. Shawn Quan! We are thrilled that she can join us as she gains more research experience before applying to PhD programs!

The expansion continues! Welcome to the lab, Rick! We are THRILLED to have you!!!

We are excited to announce that three research assistants will be joining us this semester as part of the Diversity Scholars Program Research Initiative. Welcome, Sarah, Joon, and Andrea!

Three of the graduate student members have first authored SIOP submissions this year! Way to go, Phoenix, Liza, and Jessi!

Three of the undergraduate lab members have earned their authorship on SIOP submissions this year! The hard work this summer has paid off!

Great job, Jessi and Liza! Both earned fellowships from the OLIA division this year – Jessi in recognition for academic excellence and Liza in recognition for her dedication to the Leeds community overall. Such superstars!

Jessi will be serving as one of the new student representatives on SIOP’s Education & Training Committee. Thank you for representing us at one of our top professional organizations!

Welcome, Sarah! We are so excited to have you as part of the lab! Sarah will be completing her Norlin Scholars research with us this year.

Megan‘s symposium presentation on identity management strategies in hiring contexts was PHENOMENAL!!! This amazing woman is a senior….in high school….and gave a presentation today that rivaled any I have ever seen at SIOP or AOM!!! We are so thrilled to have you as a coauthor on this project.


Congratulations, Phoenix! He received a prestigious Teaching Excellence Award from the graduate school!




Join us Wednesday to see Megan‘s symposium presentation on identity management strategies in hiring contexts. This presentation is all that stands in her way before graduating high school this semester!!!

Congratulations Liza on becoming the doctoral committee social chair! Thank you for your service to Leeds!

Congratulations Phoenix, Jessi, and Liza on having their work accepted to he 2019 Academy of Management (AOM) conference!

Congratulations Liza on being awarded a 2019 Summer Hart Research Fellowship

Congratulations to Phoenix and Jessi for having their work accepted for presentation at the 2019 Interdisciplinary Leadership Symposium (IPLS) in Greece!

Thank you Liza for organizing PhD student lunch gatherings this semester for the Leeds doctoral students!

Great job, Megan, presenting your poster at CU Boulder today!

Welcome, Ashlyn! We are so excited to have you as part of the lab!

Congratulations, Jessi for having her work published in the Journal of Applied Psychology! This is a premier journal in our field and an amazing accomplishment for any researcher, let alone a 1st year graduate student!!!

Read more about her work here:

Evans, J. B., Slaughter, J. E., Ellis, A. P. J., & Rivin, J. M. (In press). Gender and the evaluation of humor at work. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Welcome, Jordan! We are so excited to have you as part of the lab!