These are just some of the exciting updates that our lab members have in regards to their research activities!

We are so proud of Abigail Piervil for presenting at her first conference last week! She developed the research she presented after being selected as part of the first cohort in SIOP’s Diversifying I-O Psychology (DIP) program.

Read about A Day in the Life of CU Boulder professors in The Bold Magazine at:

We were so lucky to have Dr. Rebecca Paluch join us from UBC for our last lab meeting of the semester/academic year. Thank you so much for sharing your research on racial bias with us!

Congratulations, Liza, for being a part of a research team honored at SIOP with a research grant!

We are so excited to introduce Alaina, our newest research assistant! The lab is so lucky to have this passionate and engaged mind enriching every aspect of lab projects! Welcome, Alaina!

Congratulations to Liza Barnes for 2 symposium acceptances at the 2022 AOM conference in August. Lab members Jessi Rivin, Pheonix Van Wagoner, and Rick Reed are also on the program! And undergrad RAs Lena Kim & Sarah Lurie also had symposium acceptances! Excited for Seattle! #DIIDMgmt

New work in press!

“…leaders who communicate about diversity by acknowledging individuals’ racial/ethnic identities (i.e., use identity-conscious ideology) are deemed by followers as more ethical than leaders who do not (i.e., use identity-blind ideologies).”

New work in press!

“Our model of maternity bias comprehensively reviews past work to provide insights into the bias that working mothers endure at work but also provides a path forward…”

We were so honored to have Dr. Enrica Ruggs join us as at today’s lab meeting. Thank you, Enrica, for sharing your much needed work with us!

We are so excited to welcome Gennah, Jasmine, and Namrita from Leeds’ Diverse Scholars Program. These wonderful research assistants will be working with the lab this semester!

Congratulations to Liza and Shawn for getting their first authored work accepted to the Positive Organizational Scholarship conference!

As the Spring semester starts, we want to take a minute to thank Dr. Tiffany Trzebiatowski for her time and insights! She provided an incredibly engaging presentation and workshop on the R&R process for us last month. Thank you, Tiffany!

So excited to brag about our amazing research assistant, Lena Kim. Congratulations, Lena on your THREE acceptances at this year’s SIOP conference. She is the project presenter for two symposiums and is on a panel, as well! Go Lena!

We were so lucky to have Dr. Kristen Jones join us last month from the Fogelman College of Business to share her latest research with us. We all learned about a great topic and an innovative statistical approach! So grateful for your insights and expertise – thank you, Kristen!

Kristen Price Jones

A big welcome to our newest research assistant, Kristen. Kristen is currently a Junior at the University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business with an Emphasis in Marketing and a certificate in Global Business and Leadership. She is passionate about all types of diversity and is committed to making a change through research. We are so excited to have you as part of the lab, Kristen!

We were so lucky to have Dr. Lex Smith Washington from the Spears School of Business join us in the Fall to share her insightful work with the lab! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us in a truly engaging presentation!

Thank you to the faculty and PhD students at Denver University for coming on a Saturday to attend a presentation about the lab’s in- progress research. Great discussion and a beautiful campus! Truly grateful for such wonderful feedback!

We are so grateful that the amazing Camellia Bryan joined us for our first lab meeting of the semester. Such a great presentation! Thank you so much for sharing your dissertation work with us.

The lab had a wonderful AOM experience. Shout out to Phoenix, Jessi, Liza, Lena, and Sarah who were all on the program. Special recognition for Lena, an undergrad RA, who made her first AOM presentation and did an absolutely amazing job! 

Three of the lab’s graduate students, and two research assistants, have diversity/identity related presentations at the AOM conference this year! We hope to see you at these exciting presentations!

Some exciting panels and presentations from the lab coming up at the AOM conference this year! Thank you to Becky Paluch, Tiffany Trzebiatowsji, Signal Barsade, & Haoying Xu for organizing this particular session!

The EDI conference was a wonderful place to present research from the lab. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to present alongside other diversity researchers from around the world. Thank you to everyone who attended the session and provided such thoughtful feedback. We wish we could have been there in person – hopefully next year!

Here is the link to an interview about research that explores the barriers women face in the workplace have been highlighted and intensified during COVID.

Learn about the lab’s current research in episode 10 of the Leaders Frontiers Podcast where Dr. Volpone discusses why diversity is a necessity.

Dr. Volpone’s current research on the topic of women’s experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic was featured on KGNU’s Public Affair segment on 4/28/21.

We spent the last lab meeting of the semester celebrating our successes and appreciating each other’s hard work and dedication to the lab and to academia overall. Our undergrad RAs all have exciting new internships this summer. Graduates have amazing opportunities to work at startup companies in Boulder. And the incoming and current graduate students have new project opportunities they are exploring this summer. So proud of all of these students and everything they have accomplished this year, especially given a truly trying circumstances this year!

The lab had a wonderful SIOP experience. So many of our members were attending SIOP for the very first time. Shout out to Phoenix, Liza, and Sarah who all had presentations. Special recognition for Sarah, an undergrad RA, who made her first SIOP presentation and did an absolutely amazing job!

Thank you to everyone who attended the first Transformative Talk this week. In this event, we brought together Jesus Heberto Guillen Solis and David Spiher to discuss the experiences of Long Term Survivors of HIV/AIDS and commemorate the 5th anniversary of the documentary, Last Men Standing.

The event was an overwhelming success, drawing 96 audience members and meaningful conversation. Below, we captured a lighthearted moment when the panel discussed the role of our feline friends in maintaining mental and physical health.

This presentation was to honor and in memory of Dr. Ralph Thurlow, 1959-2020.

We dedicated this week’s lab meeting to SIOP preparation! Super serious faces as we review all the program offerings and plan our schedules!

Thrilled to share the lab’s latest research at Delta Sigma Pi’s diversity programming this week.

News coverage on our event that is happening this Thursday! View the video in the news article for a sneak peak at how amazing the screening and panel event is going to be! Registration is still open (and free) for those interested in joining us.

Congratulations, Sarah Lurie, for completing your Norlin Scholars project this semester. We are so lucky that you picked us to do your research project with. You are a truly talented and skilled researcher and person and this all came through in your thorough project presentation!

So excited to brag about our amazing lab members. Congratulations to Liza Barnes for two lead-author symposium acceptances at this year’s AOM conference. Undergrad RAs Lena Kim and Sarah Lurie also had accepted symposium submissions! We are so proud of the work you all are doing!

You’re Invited!

The DI&ID Mgmt Research Lab, along with Portland State and the HIV Long-term Survivors group, is co-hosting a Transformative Talk.

This Transformative Talk will feature a 5th Anniversary Screening along with a discussion led by distinguished panelists Jesus Heberto Guillen Solis & David Spiher.

Our lab members are hard at work preparing presentations for SIOP this year. Mark your calendars for these exciting SIOP presentations from DI&ID Mgmt lab members, including Phoenix Van Wagoner, Liza Barnes, Jessi Rivin, and Sarah Lurie!

We were so lucky to have Dr. Alison Hall join us as our last invited speaker of the semester. Thank you, Alison for sharing your insightful work with the lab this week!

A big welcome to our newest research assistant, Kavya. Kavya is a junior at CU Boulder majoring in Political Science with a minor in Sociology. She is a Norlin Scholar at CU Boulder, a leader in CU Boulder student government, and a leader in CU Boulder’s Student Alumni Association (The Herd). We are so excited to have you as part of the lab, Kavya!

Thrilled to be a part of this important conversation on she-cession and COVID-19 in Boulder Weekly.

In lab this week, we were so lucky to learn about the latest research on disability in the management area. The fabulous Dr. Christy Nittrouer is such a fabulously knowledgeable scholar and topic expert in this area. Thank you for sharing your work with us, Christy!

If there is anyone out there who doesn’t know yet, Gabrielle Lopiano is absolutely amazing. We were so lucky to have her share her research with us at today’s lab meeting. So insightful! Thank you so much, Gabby, for joining us and for giving an amazing presentation! #DIIDMgmt

So proud of Liza, the winner of the 2020 Fall PhD Student Teaching Award. For her outstanding performance in the classroom she will receive a $500 cash award, will be recognized, and will receive an engraved plaque. Congratulations, Liza, we are so lucky to have your skills and expertise with us in the lab!

So happy to resume lab meetings now that the Spring semester has started! These RAs are amazing in every sense of the word!

Excited to represent the lab at the YWCA’s Panel on Closing the Inequity Gap for Women in the Workplace. This critical discussion will not only identify the greatest challenges creating pay wage gaps, but also look at what women and allies need to do to accelerate equity for women in the workplace.

January 2021 Holiday Book Drive Update: After distributing over 100 books that were donated during our holiday book drive, many individuals and groups contacted us to say thanks! The pictures below show some of the different preschool classes that used the books as part of their class lessons and during reading time. Thank you to everyone who is supporting the book drive with supportive messages, positive thoughts, and donations! It is making a difference in a number of ways! (faces blurred for privacy)

Shout out to two of our undergrad research assistants (Lena and Sarah) who submitted to the AOM conference this week. Thank you, Liza, for leading this project with them (and another!) as we prepared our submissions for this year’s conference.

So proud of Liza. She won the Beverly Sear’s Graduate Student Research Grant from CU Boulder’s graduate school. We are so lucky to have her and her amazing research skills in the lab!

We have collected over 100 books for our holiday book drive thanks to the generosity of many individuals! We have started distributing the books across the Denver area – specifically, 2-3 books to over 50 Little Libraries so far. The pictures below show some of the different locations where we have distributed donations. Thank you to everyone who is supporting the book drive with supportive messages, positive thoughts, and donations.

Check out Phoenix‘s in-press article at the Journal of Management titled “An Examination of Whether and How Prevention Climate Alters the Influence of Turnover on Performance”. We can’t wait to read the paper, Phoenix!

As the Fall semester comes to an end, we want to take a minute to again thank the amazing guest speakers who shared their research and work with the lab. Thank you for your time and insights!

Congratulations, Lena and Sarah for being selected as research assistants for the lab’s Center for Leadership research seed grant!

We are so excited to have two research assistants working with the lab this semester as part of the Diversity Scholars Program Research Initiative. Welcome (back) Joon, and Manjoyt!

A huge congratulations to Sarah Lurie, a research assistant who has been with the lab since its beginning! Sarah graduated today from the Leeds School of Business with high distinction and honors. Moreover, she was awarded the Academic Excellence Award at the ceremony. Sarah, we are so proud of you!

We were so lucky to have Dr. Katina Sawyer join us for our last lab meeting of the semester/year. Thank you so much for sharing your research and valuable insights from your career!

Holiday Book Drive

Update: We have been collecting books for less than a week and have already been able to collect over 40 books thanks to the generosity of many individuals. We will start distributing the books in December and will post a number of updates as we do. Thank you to everyone who is supporting the book drive with supportive messages, positive thoughts, and donations if they are able.

Holiday Book Drive

If you are interested in supporting our efforts, see the attached flyer!

~Thank you so much for considering a donation.~

Today the DI&ID Mgmt Research Lab is feeling inspired! We were so lucky to have the amazing Dr. Brent Lyons join our lab meeting this week to share his work with us. He left us with excellent advice about turning research into me-search that resonated strongly with everyone! Thank you for your presentation, Brent!

Proud to have work from the lab featured amongst the thought leadership happening at Leeds around diversity and inclusion!

A huge thank you to Mr. Avondine Hill, special assistant to the Dean for diversity and inclusion at Leeds, for joining our lab meeting this week. He inspired us to explore why we do the work that we do and how while discussing how his path of advocacy around D&I work has developed over his career.

Meet Avondine and learn more about the amazing work he has been able to do at Leeds since joining us last year:

Taking a moment to brag on Liza and Phoenix. They both submitted their own manuscripts from completed lab projects to A-level publications this week. Building that pipeline!

We are so appreciative that the wonderful Dr. David Arena was able to join our lab meeting to share his work on diversity and identity management. Thank you for a great presentation, Dave!

Shout out to the amazing graduate students in the lab! Each have hit significant milestones in the PhD program this semester. Congratulations to Rick, Liza, Jessi, and Phoenix for presenting comprehensive exams, becoming PhD candidates, and/or becoming ABD as they balance leading multiple projects for the lab. The lab is so lucky to have you and your amazing research skills!

I am so glad that we have been able to share research from the DI&ID lab with so many groups on campus this semester. It is so important that we are able to connect in these virtual times. Thank you to the Office of Diversity Affairs and the Herd Leadership Council for inviting us to present our research this month!

Office of Diversity Affairs:

The Heard Leadership Council:

We are sending Shawn all of our positive vibes as she starts her graduate school career. Best of luck, Shawn (though we know you don’t need it!)!

We were so fortunate to have the amazing Dr. Emily David present at our lab meeting yesterday. Thank you, Emily, for overcoming the time difference to join us from China!

Honored to discuss the lab’s work at the Changemakers Coalition of Colorado’s first event in a new mini-conference series this week.

On September 15th, Sabrina will be a part of a session on community resilience. Details presented below!

The Changemakers Coalition of Colorado (CCC) is a new cross-sector partnership of the State’s foremost organizations working to support responsible and sustainable business in the front range. The CCC brings together the specialized knowledge and perspectives of each organization to create high quality content and events that will catalyze deeper collaboration and impact amongst all changemakers of the Colorado sustainable business community.

The session on September 15th will explore the topic of community resilience from the perspective of sustainable and urban development, and how at-risk groups have been adversely affected or may continue to be affected by COVID-19. Attendees will hear examples of best practices in Colorado and other states and how they can help build more resilient and just communities, from the individual, business, and community perspectives.

Congratulations to Liza, Jessi, and Rick who all defended their comprehensive exam projects this week. This is a huge accomplishment and we are so proud of you!

We are so excited for Jessi and Liza as they start their first semesters as instructors! They are great teachers and mentors in the lab, so we know they are going to bring it in the classroom, too!

We are so excited to have Montse as a research assistant! Montse is an international student from Paraguay majoring in Marketing and Social Responsibility and Sustainability. She is passionate about business as a vehicle for creating positive social and environmental impact, and hopes to build a career around doing something that is meaningful. Through her research, Montse wishes to amplify the voices of those who are most of the time unheard. That way, helping create a more inclusive workplace for everyone. Welcome to the lab, Montse!!!

Proud that the Diversity and Identity Management Lab was invited to be a part of this inspiring panel on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion during a Global Pandemic with the fantastic C. Parker McMullen-Bushman (VP of Community Engagement, Education and Inclusion) and Tamarah Saif (VP of Human Resources).

Congratulations, Sarah! Sarah was just awarded a Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship. These scholarships are awarded to women studying business at the undergraduate level who have demonstrated outstanding potential in the field. We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments, Sarah!

We are excited to welcome a new research assistant to the lab – Lena Kim. We are thrilled that she can join us as she gains research experience!

Congratulations, Jessi and Phoenix! Both were awarded a Gerald Hart Summer Research Fellowship through the Leeds School of Business. We are so proud of the work they are doing in the areas of leadership and mental health.

We miss getting to have our lab meetings at our amazing university. Can’t wait to get back when it is safe!

We are thrilled to congratulate Shawn as she moves to Washington to join the Management PhD program at the Foster School of Business! This is a top-ranked program with stellar faculty. We are truly proud of her for everything she accomplished (and continues to contribute!) to our lab, for accepting an offer from such a prestigious program, and for everything that we know she will accomplish at the University of Washington. CONGRATULATIONS, Shawn – this is a HUGE deal. We are so excited for you!!! What a precedent to set as the first official graduate of the DI&ID Management Research Lab!

Shout out to three of the lab’s amazing graduate students – Liza, Jessi, and Rick. These three finished their last required class this week! Throw back picture to the first day of your FIRST class. Congratulations on all of the hard work and growth that has happened over the last two years!

Excited to have the opportunity to present work from the DI&ID Management Research Lab for the OBHR faculty at CEIBS. Thank you to the wonderful CEIBS faculty for joining the webinar to provide insightful feedback and engaged discussion about our lab projects!

Congratulations, Liza! Liza was awarded a Gerald Hart Summer Research Fellowship through the Leeds School of Business to work on a lab project focused on the experiences of women employees.

Congratulations, Ashlyn! Ashlyn graduated from CU Boulder this week! We have been so lucky to have her as a research assistant since the day the lab started. We know your success is going to blossom even more in graduate school. #ForeverBuffs

Sarah was awarded the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Assistantship for the 2020-21 Academic Year! We are thrilled that she chose to work on her assistantship project with the DI&ID Mgmt Lab. Congratulations, Sarah! We are so proud to have you as part of the lab.

Congratulations, Ashlyn! This undergraduate RA had a paper accepted to the 2020 AOM conference. And this is not her first accepted conference paper! Great work!

Congratulations, Jessi! She had a first-authored paper accepted to the 2020 AOM conference that she will be also be presenting in August.

Congratulations, Liza! She had a first-authored paper accepted to the 2020 AOM conference. She is also co-chairing the session that her paper is in – as a 2nd year PhD student!

Had a great time sharing research from the DI&ID Research Lab at the CESR Fellows meeting this week. Thank you so much for the invite!

Given that CU Boulder has moved classes online for the rest of the semester, yesterday we had out last in-person lab meeting of the semester. Our projects and weekly touch points will continue throughout March, April and May! As the pictures show, Mazie is quite pensive about this and Phoenix is making the most of our last in-person meeting to discuss important updates to a project he is leading!

This week, Phoenix did a fantastic job presenting the results from his research program on mental health in the workplace at Colorado College.

We are so excited to welcome a new research assistant to the lab – Ari Schermer. We are thrilled that he can join us as he gains research experience!

Excited to have the opportunity to present work from the DI&ID Management Research Lab at Fox School of Business !

Excited to represent the DI&ID Management Research Lab in Philadelphia this week!

We are so proud of our former research assistant Megan for already making waves at Fritz!

Appreciative to have the opportunity to present work from the DI&ID Management Research Lab as part of UNT’s HR Collaborative Event this week in Dallas.

Excited to have the opportunity to present work from the DI&ID Management Research Lab in Denton, TX this week!

Congratulations to Phoenix and Jessi for having their work accepted for presentation at the 2020 Interdisciplinary Leadership Symposium (IPLS) in Greece!

Planning our lab activities for 2020!

Congratulations, Liza, Jessi, and Ashlyn for your AOM submissions this week. Liza and Jessi had first authored submissions and Liza excelled at her role as co-chair for a submission!

Thank you, Fox School of Business, for spreading the word about our AMJ article on breastfeeding!

Excited to return to my undergrad alma mater for this exciting HR Collaborative Keynote Speaker presentation in February!

Thank you, China European International Business School (CEIBS), for covering our recent work on the experiences of women expatriates!

I am thrilled with the lab member’s work giving back to various communities in 2019, through their time, donations, financial support, etc. Please see the “Our Impact” tab of this website for more details about these wonderful efforts from our lab members! Thank you to Jessi, Phoenix, and Liza for being wonderful team leaders and to Shawn for pushing us to have an impact on an international scale!

Congratulations, Shawn, for completing your graduate school applications! This amazing researcher is starting 2020 off right by leading an interesting new research project of her own. And yes, the initial project planning meeting took place over a wonderful meal that included chicken feet!

Congratulations, Ashlyn for landing an exciting internship for the Spring semester! We are so proud of all the work you do as part of the lab and can’t wait to see everything your internship has in store for you!

Excited to return to my undergrad alma mater for this exciting distinguished scholar research presentation in February!

The graduate students of the DI&ID Management Research Lab were able to celebrate the holidays and the OLIA annual holiday party! Wishing everyone in academia a wonderful end of the semester!

Honored to have coverage of our lab research in On the Verge magazine, in the Future of Work issue, nonetheless!

A year ago today we were celebrating Jessi‘s JAP acceptance! If you haven’t read this paper yet, it is a GREAT read.

What a wonderful end of the semester celebration for the DI&ID Management Research Lab! 

Thank you, CU Boulder, for covering our breastfeeding research in CU Boulder Today!

We cannot thank Christina enough for doing a wonderful and educational methods training for the lab yesterday!

Congratulations, Liza, for your 1st authored acceptance at SIOP this year! Liza will be presenting a paper that two of our undergraduate research assistants, Ashlyn and Jordan, contributed to, as well! This is Ashlyn’s and Jordan’s first conference submission/acceptance!

Thanks, AOM Insights, for covering our recent AMJ article!

Attending the Responsible Leadership in Action Conference at CEIBS. Getting some research inspiration from thought leaders Anne Tsui and Chao Chen in Shanghai! Was the next paper coming from the DI&ID Mgmt Lab was written in China?

Thank you, Liza, for a wonderful presentation in lab yesterday!

The team leaders gathering their resources as the lab gets ready for our first organized Giving Back to the Community effort! Can’t wait to see what the 12 of us do, how much of an impact we can have this holiday season!

Thank you, Futurity, for covering our breastfeeding research!

Thank you, Harvard Business Review, for covering our breastfeeding research!

Thank you, Rick for a wonderful presentation in lab yesterday!

Starting a new data collection effort today! Go, team, go!